terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

.NET Framework Cryptography Model

I would like to know how these algorithms really work.
So, to accomplish this goal, I wrote a small application to understand this code.

using (RijndaelManaged myRijndael = new RijndaelManaged())

byte[] encrypted = RijndaelWrapper.EncryptStringToBytes(original, myRijndael.Key, myRijndael.IV);

string roundtrip = RijndaelWrapper.DecryptStringFromBytes(encrypted, myRijndael.Key, myRijndael.IV);

var builder = new StringBuilder();

Array.ForEach(encrypted, x => builder.Append(x));

this.txtOutput.Text = String.Format("{0} , {1}", roundtrip, builder.ToString());


For more details, please see this site:


For while, I´m check the really details in .NET Framework.
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