sábado, 16 de maio de 2015

Xamarin University

A couple options for you.

We have our training program is through Xamarin University - university.xamarin.com -- it is 4 time zones across the world, so timing is not an issue.  However -- it is in English -- I know it's not an issue for you but it may be an issue for different members of your team.
Xamarin University's annual subscription (normally $1,995) grants you access to mobile development courses throughout the year:
*  The classes are instructor-led and online, with less than 12 students per class, to give each individual direct access to the instructor, and to help make this an interactive experience. 
*  The classes are repeated multiple times across multiple times zones to ensure students worldwide have maximum access to attend.
*  If you miss a live class, there will be a recorded session available for viewing at a later time.
*  Classes have in-depth labs to work through, and there is an optional certification exam after you complete the requirements
*  Xamarin University is the fastest way to get you up and running, and will help you get building what you need as quickly as possible.
Would you prefer a local Brazilian partner to train you?  This would be in Portuguese.  

Let me know which you prefer and I help you started either way -- right away.

Warm regards from San Francisco,

Andrew Chung
Customer Success Engineer | Xamarin, Inc. | San Francisco
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