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Merise is a method based on the Conceptual Data Model (CDM) for designing databases. All objects you have to deal in your application are Entities and are linked by Associations. Both entities and associations have attributes. Relation have cardinalities ( min and max).
"The French Ministry for industry was missing a tool for design method engineering. They started a project to give the French Civil Service a design method that would allow their teams to complete their projects successfully, within the cost and time planned. This project started in 1977 and was called MERISE."
" The initial purpose for the method MERISE was to develop an information system design methodology which could be used by both private firms and civil services to produce data processing applications which use databases in a real-time environment, and which will be more reliable. It became a dynamic modelling method, which models the behaviour (-aspect) of an information system during the analysis and design phases of information systems."

Quang, P.T., e.a., MERISE in Practise, Londen, Macmillan Education, 1991.
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