domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2017

TrackR bravo

TrackR bravo is a TAG bluetooth and only this.
Only celphones that support low bluetooth communications can connect with this device.

Is a good tool, not a better solutions to find itens accross the Brazil. 

For you, please read more about the communications protocolos.

From the point of view of applications, it does not really matter who the master is. It is only a technical detail in the creation of piconet, and every BT device can be master or slave. In addition, a device can request a role change (to be promoted from slave to master and vice versa).
BT devices automatically organize themselves to form a small network, called piconet or PAN (personal area protocol). Up to seven devices can participate in this network, and one of them is elected the "master."

TrackR bravo details 

Diameter: 31mm 

Thickness: 3.5mm 

Battery Type: CR1620 

Max Battery Life: 1 year 

Bluetooth Type: 4.0 

Bluetooth Range: Up to 100ft 

Crowd Locate Range: World Wide 

Device Ringer Volume: Up to 92dB 

Materials: Anodized Aluminum, Plastic 

Safe for Pets: Yes 

Works World Wide: Yes

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